Learning French and opening the door to 29 other countries

Learning French - A chalkboard with the question parlez-vous francais

Learning French

I decided to take French as my fourth language due to my love for Paris. I’ve been to Paris innumerous times but never really experienced the French culture. Learning French would not only give me the tools I need to explore Paris and France further afield but also open the door to another 28 countries.


France has many paradise-like places for you to explore. Take the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera) for example. If you prefer the buzz of the city, Paris will amaze you with the monuments, architecture and museums.


Also, another effective way to learn is to watch videos in French. Check out my review on Un gars une fille.


I promise I will add some artists here


This is one of the online resources I found to learn French. The French Experiment is a website with plenty of useful expressions and lessons to study.

Duolingo is also an easy to use language teaching service. Users can download the mobile App and study on the go.