Daniel PinaHi, my name is Daniel Pina and I am a web developer and postgraduate student with over 10 years organisational experience gained through assistance and managerial positions. I am a task-oriented, hands-on kind of person, able to work independently or as part of a team.

As a web developer, my main coding skills lie in WordPress development and PHP programming. I also have a keen interest in Javascript and respective libraries such as jQuery, AngularJS and recently started learning ReactJS.

I am a passionate coder, very enthusiastic when it comes to dynamic and interactive websites. I am continuously looking into expanding my area of expertise, by trying out new technologies and applying them in new projects. I am a 100% can-do person and believe there is nothing unachievable with plenty of hard work.

As for my managerial experience, I am very methodical and a born-planner. I like the synchronicity of things and how synergy can help out a business. I have studied Agile methodology (SCRUM) in my spare time and I would like to apply those concepts to enhance a team’s performance.

Paying maximum attention to detail, I tend to observe my surroundings in order to predict all possible aspects, and anticipate how they may contribute to the progression of a determined task. I am also very flexible and adaptable meaning I find it easy to fit in in any group.